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Current WBC Asia Intercontinental Champion and former 3-time Singapore National Champion.  Boxing Coach at The Ring Boxing Community and a Professional Boxer, Hamzah Farouk has never looked out for anything that is impossible. Anything is possible! Boxing is truly his passion, so by sharing all his knowledge in Boxing, training is always a win for everybody. 



Current WBC Asia Interim Silver Champion and former Monaco National  Boxing Team . His most memorable training was with the National Team of Cuba, where he was inspired by the Cuban boxing mindset, training and boxing principles. He had the opportunity to spar with many world champions, including Andy Lee, Ryan Burnett and Luis Ortiz, and is deeply passionate and dedicated in the sport of boxing.   Abdou is from Corsica, a Mediterranean Island southeast of France.



With over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry, Syakir has been actively training his brother, Hamzah, for his boxing fights. He was thrilled when his efforts paid off when Hamzah won the title of WBC Asian Continental Champion. Other than coaching at The Ring, he runs a bridging training for all of The Ring’s Professional and Amateur Fight Team.



Jared is a member of The Ring Amateur Fight Team. He has accumulated a total of 11 amateur fights (9w-2l), including a National Title in the 60kg Developmental Category. Currently a Junior Boxing Coach at The Ring, Jared is passionate about helping others in their boxing and fitness journey. Outside The Ring, Jared enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.




Angus has been in love with martial arts for over half a decade. He was entranced by the depth and beauty of the sport. Ever since, he has dedicated himself fervently to the sport. Always learning, studying and training in the art of Muay Thai and Boxing. He is actively competing in Muay Thai and Boxing tournaments, clinching the gold medal in SABA National Boxing Championship 2019. He is a highly technical trainer, emphasising on the intricacies of techniques. If you are trying to bring your game to the next level, he will help you polish your skills. If he is not punching and kicking, Angus may be spotted playing video games or watching movies.



Nigel has been a fan of Muay Thai since his teens, starting at the age of 14. He has accumulated a total of 6 amateur fights (5W-1L) over the years. Besides Muay Thai, he is also training with the National Kickboxing Team. Nigel decided to become a Muay Thai coach because he views it as a platform that drills individuals to take control of their own actions and overcome obstacles faced, both in training and in life. Aside from coaching at The Ring, Nigel enjoys acquiring new skills online and spending quality time with his family.



Most know him as Coach Dre, a nickname that was given to him from his first fight. Andre’s Muay Thai journey started 15 years ago when he was awestruck by a movie "Ongbak". Through the influence of his friends, who invited him to join them for training, Dre fell in love with the combat sports and has learned a total of 5 different types of martial arts ever since. In his journey as a martial artist, he has learned not to compare or condemn others and to always be ready for any challenges.


strength & conditioning



Haikal is an accredited Strength and Conditioning coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. He has an extensive background from training national, professional and amateur athletes to working adults with nominal experience in fitness. Haikal approaches fitness as a life-long behaviour modification where we seek continuous improvement. He defines his sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility. His favourite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!