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The Head Coach at TR Chouaib Kabbab has been engaged in the science of boxing since he was 13 years-old. With a fight record of 61-22, Chouaib is a Morocco National Boxing Champion. He understands what is needed to push the body beyond its usual capabilities to attain performance goals and throughout his 15 years of coaching, has worked with figure competition models and professional boxers. Aside from boxing, Chouaib is also well versed in other martial arts like Karate-Do-Shotokai and Kickboxing. He has attained the Boxing Coach Certification by the International Olympic Committee in 2003 and the Boxing Coach Diploma by the Royal Morocco Boxing Federation in 2010. 

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Former 3-time Singapore National Champion and now a Professional Boxer rising up in the ranks. Currently studying Psychology at Singapore University of Social Science, Boxing Coach at The Ring Boxing Community and a Professional Boxer, Hamzah Farouk has never looked out for anything that is impossible. Anything is possible! Boxing is his passion, so by filtering down all his knowledge in Boxing training is always a win for everybody. 



Also known as "Scrappy Marc Hendrix", he has over 20 years experience in the sports martial arts scene in Singapore, from  Taekwondo, Shito-ryu Karate to Muay Thai. Specializing in sports competition preparation and conditioning, Marco has a lot to offer in the art of eight limbs. Other than Muay Thai, Marco loves to listen to the blues, and rock n roll.

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Known as TR's Gentle Giant, don't get intimidated by his size or his serious looks. He won't bite.  Former athlete and Coach for the Elite Fight Team at Singapore Silat Federation. A 7 time National Champion and winning other International Competitions in Asia and Europe. 

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by the Singapore Sports Council and Australian Strength Conditioning Association. He has trained a few athletes to win World Titles and mentor to some of the trainers in the fight industry.





From Monaco, a certified boxing trainer and an experienced boxer with more than 20 fights at the French National Level. Gilles will share with you his passion for boxing, with his “Western way” of teaching and a twist of Cuban techniques. Experienced, dedicated and composed – a complete package with a French accent!  He believes in empowering others. His favorite boxers: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto.



Abdou started boxing at the age of 17, and was an amateur boxer at the Monaco Boxing Club. From Corsica, Abdou has recently embarked on his professional boxing career, and won his first fight at his debut at #TRFC3. Keep a lookout for this force from France!



What lies beneath a good looking French boy? Agility, speed, tactic, discipline and enough experience of a fully skilled and successful boxer! Medi has competed in National and International Levels. Born in a boxing gym, he was able throw a 1-2 combination before walking!

Boxing lives in his bloodline and his dedication and passion for the sport led him to have the highest trainer certifications in France. He will teach you amazing defensive skills inspired from his favorite boxer Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker (also a reason why he kept his pretty face after so many fights!).