We Are Three : Community, Champions and the Next Generation

It’s been three years since we opened our doors at 58 Kim Yam Road. The journey to becoming where we are today was no walk in the park, there were many challenges and roadblocks along the way but our commitment to become better and dedicated to our goals has not changed.  In fact, we are now more determined than ever to continue making our mark in Singapore’s boxing and fitness community.

What makes us proud the last three years?

Our Community

Over the years, we have welcomed people from all walks of life , introducing them to the community we created. From fitness junkies, stressed-out professionals, everyday moms to students, our goal was to bring people together through Boxing, Muay Thai and Fitness.  Everyday we meet interesting characters, with different stories to tell and experiences to share.  Through these years, we realised that our community of fighters are our everyday people.  The real warriors are our members, who strive to be great in their careers, who give their very best to become better parents, who inspire and change the lives of others and who create a legacy for those they care the most - family, communities, passions.


Cultivating Champions

From our humble beginnings of 50 people who showed up at our first Friendly Fight Friday  to an incredible turnout of over 500 attendees at The Ring Fighting Championship (“TRFC”) events, we’ve come a long way and unconditionally contributed to the local boxing scene in Singapore.

Over the past three years, we hosted over 18 exciting events and witnessed champions in The Ring. Our coaches Hamzah Farouk and Abdou Karroum both clinched their World Boxing Championship Belts. We’ve witnessed amateur fighters step up their game and earn their belts either at our Elite Amateur Series and TRFC events. It has been a fulfilling journey to see the growth of our local boxing scene and bringing the Boxing Community together.

Our first ever White Collar Boxing in April was unforgettable.  How could you forget the cool entertainment and performers on stilts!  But most of all, our corporate fighters are all champions in their own ways, they’ve challenged themselves and stepped into the Ring to achieve their aspirations.

Inspiring The Next Generation

For the past year, we have teamed up with Singapore’s SportCares to run our Big Brother Programme, which is aims to help underprivileged youths and encourage them to stay out of trouble through boxing and martial arts. Our coaches have provided support, guidance and opportunities for the youths, enriching and empowering them to be better individuals. Over the year, many of those who have graduated, have returned as volunteers for our events. Some have even found a new passion in the ring, advancing to compete at our events and even at the National Levels.

We believe that giving back is one of our community’s purpose.  With this, we started  The Ring Cares, which is an initiative to fight for change in the region by helping street children reintegrate into society. Our promise extends beyond supporting the sporting community, but we hope to use our passion for the sport to reach out to all who can benefit from it.  Many of you have raised their hands to be part of our initiative and we are honored to take on this journey with you.

We  had an EPIC (Exciting, Purposeful, Intense but Committed)  three years, and we look forward to spreading our wings  and creating more awesome memories in the future. 

Always In Your Corner,
The Ring TEAM

Melissa Wong