Ain't No Hood Like MamaHood

There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.” - Jill Churchill
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Felicia, the Ring’s Operations Manager speaks of her journey as a Single Mama and the important lessons learned along the way. And yes, she’s the Ring’s Marie Kondo, efficient and super organized.

ABOUT Felicia and Kimi:

My daughter, Kimi, and I are the same height and size. We share clothes and shoes! On a more serious note, I learned responsibility from a very young age.  I am the only girl of 3 siblings and I took care of the 3 of them! Bittersweet but I learned so much from it. It’s what made me who I am today.

How would you describe your motherhood journey?

It’s been challenging, exciting and frustrating, but my heart has never been full.  In life, all aspects face some sort of struggle, otherwise the world wouldn’t be revolving.  Being a single parent is a journey for the strong and the weak, it evolves you, it forces you into adapting two roles and it rewards you doubly.

3 things that you learned as a Mom:


Not all superheroes wear capes!  As a single parent, you tend to adapt faster. The conventional books on parenthood may not really apply here, it’s either you do it or you try doing it again.

First lesson is to take care of you. If we put ourselves last, who’s going to look after our mental and physical health? Burn out has its repercussions, and those who are firstly affected are our children.  So it’s important to take care of you in order to take of the other.

Second, I’ve learned that it’s about empathy and respect.  Empathy is very rare to find these days, the double whammy I've been through has instilled this in me. I appreciate my daughter for who she is, I’ve taught her what responsibility means and how to appreciate others.

Third, taking responsibility and building resilience. Crash, fall down and get back on your feet once again. Stand tall despite challenges and keep on trying until you get it right [for you].

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On Muay Thai:

Muay Thai has empowered me with confidence outside The Ring. Knowing how to defend myself, even if I’ve have never been in a position of danger before, gives me an extra ounce of confidence.  After years of training, my daughter looks up to me as a role model (and someone who can kick ass). This for me is empowerment.

On Being Super Organized:

Being a Virgo has a part to play, but who doesn’t want to be in a tidy environment?  I worked as an Administrative Executive at a Children’s Home a few years back and the role entails superb organization skills.  Good organization skills cut your journey in half.  Just imagine in the morning you’re running late for work and can’t find the other pair of your sock?