6 Tips To Increasing Your Punching Speed

Mastering your speed in the sweet science requires hard work and consistency. While results might not be immediate, following these tips will definitely help you improve the speed of your punches overall!

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One should never neglect the basics – simple jumping jacks, squatting or cycling are beneficial and vital to improving the strength of your muscles! Skipping is also great to condition your arms, wrists and shoulders. Alternatively, you can also target your core with exercises like sit-ups and push-ups to improve your upper body so that every hit packs a punch!


A great way to hone your techniques is through shadow boxing! Good technique equates to good and steady punches! In time to come, your arms will be used to the movement and you will feel that your punches start to increase in power. Remember, not only practice punching fast, but with force as well!


Start by introducing light weights to your usual shadow boxing routine. Ensure that your form remains while punching, and the added resistance will improve your posture and strengthen your shoulder and back. If you continue with the weight training, your body should get used to the heavier punches and in turn, it would be easier for you to move quicker!


Don’t take for granted what these little bags can do to improve your punches! Aside from improving your hand-eye coordination, these babies can also improve and enforce proper timing! Start off slow with large circular motions, and as you get more comfortable, decrease the size of your circles for faster punches. Follow the right-right, left-left rhythm and you should be en-route to better punch endurance, speed, timing and accuracy!


While punching techniques are important, ensuring proper breathing while you train is also vital in maintaining proper airflow in your body. Try to take quick and repetitive breaths. You might notice how fighters often make noises or grunts whenever they punch – they are actually breathing to the rhythm of their punches! Head Coach of The Ring Chouaib notes that practicing is key, “Relax your shoulder, breathe with the punches and don’t hold your breath. People often forget the importance of effective breathing when training. If you want to punch fast, you’ve first got to breathe fast!”


A wildcard thrown into the mix would be tossing and catching cards! Grab a partner and a deck of cards and start slow, gradually increasing your throwing speed as you try to catch more cards. Not only can you improve your reflex, over time, you will be more focused and alert!

Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge, join us at The Ring for our monthly Punch Out contest! Starting April, we will be hosting a monthly tournament for our members to challenge each other with the most number of punches in a minute! Ariff Nordin was our April record holder with an impressive 436 punches in a minute! With the current Guinness World Record set by Norman Breese from USA at 901 punches per minute, do you think you can punch?

Melissa Wong